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    Oh My Thoughts: Online Dating

    Imagine this. It's Wednesday. You're enjoying your day. And then you hear it. The ding of one of your dating apps. And you're like - awesome! Someone messaged me back or messaged me first. Basically, you're excited because online dating isn't easy, and so progress is progress, right? Wrong.

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    Top 5 Winter Date Ideas in the GTA!

    It’s that time of year again… winter dating! I prefer winter dating. I’m more of a fan of the cold as opposed to the heat. I’m just not a huge fan of sweating unless I’m at the gym. With the snow beginning to fall, and all the winter markets about to take place, it’s time for a run down of some of the best date ideas for the winter season. Here are my Top 5 Winter Date Ideas in the GTA! 1. Tree Lighting Celebrations There are two tree lighting celebrations in the GTA that I’ve attended and I absolutely adore them. Firstly, the Cavalcade of Lights in Toronto. This…

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    2018 Bucket List

    I created a Bucket List a couple of years ago with a girlfriend of mine, but let’s be real – we didn’t really follow through with it. This year, however, I have decided to make it a goal of mine to complete at least 75% of the items on this list. I’ll post it here to start, but then I will have a link to it from the header where I’ll update it as I go through and complete items on the list, or I will go and add new items to the list as the time goes on. I seem to always stumble across things on Facebook, usually through…

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