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    Music Monday – Moon Vs Sun

    Moon Vs. Sun consists of Chantal Kreviazuk, and Our Lady Peace frontman (and her husband) Raine Maida. I've followed Chantal for years, and have always been a fan of OLP. I remember when we were at one of her shows, and the topic of Moon Vs. Sun came up - and I instantly got so excited. Two of my favourites coming together to create an album - how could you go wrong?

  • music monday

    Music Monday – Anna Clendening

    I enjoy music more when I know a little bit about the artist. When you hear their stories - their struggles, their successes - and everything in between. Knowing more than just their name helps you get insight into the music, into the lyrics. You never know, you might relate.

  • music monday

    Music Monday – Say Something

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again - I'm a huge fan of duets. Especially when it involves these two fantastic artists. They've done a collaboration before, and they're back at it again. And once again, it's fire. It's hot. It's incredible. I had it on repeat yesterday, belting it out, while tidying up my room. I could literally listen to it all day long and not complain about it.

  • music monday

    Music Monday – Elbow Love

    Sometimes you get music recommended to you. Sometimes you stumble upon it on YouTube, or on the radio, or in the background of a TV show. And sometimes your brother in law has an extra ticket to a concert of a band you've never heard of, and your sister is out of the country, so he invites you along instead.

  • music monday

    MUSIC MONDAY – Noah Kahan

    Music Monday was chosen not only for the alliteration, but... okay it was chosen for the alliteration. However, coincidentally, Spotify releases a new playlist every Friday called New Music Friday Canada. Every Friday, I'll pull open that playlist and get hooked on a song, and share it with you on Monday mornings to give you a good song to listen to all week.

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