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    Oh My Thoughts: Online Dating

    Imagine this. It's Wednesday. You're enjoying your day. And then you hear it. The ding of one of your dating apps. And you're like - awesome! Someone messaged me back or messaged me first. Basically, you're excited because online dating isn't easy, and so progress is progress, right? Wrong.

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    Wednesday Weigh In: Week 11

    So, I’ve been off from my weigh in for two weeks. We missed Week 9 and Week 10, but I’m back it with my Week 11 weigh in! I don’t have an excuse for my week leading up to vacation, but on vacation I definitely didn’t have a scale. I did so much walking over my vacation, so I’m curious to see if that makes any difference when it comes to my weigh-in. We are about to find out… WEDNESDAY WEIGH IN: WEEK ELEVEN Starting weight at end of Week 8 244lbs — Current weight 249lbs — Weight loss or gain +5lbs…. ouch. — What attributed to my loss or gain?…

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    Wednesday Weigh In – Week 8

    I felt better this week going into my weigh in. I wasn't sure if I had lost or gained, and to be honest I thought I had gained but mentally, I was accepting of it. I have been non-stop for a few days, and I'm finally getting my mindset in a better place for the coming weeks. My plans this weekend include picking up a pumpkin, visiting my mom, inventory at work, and starting to piece together my life for NYC! My trip is coming up so quickly, and I feel like I have so much I want to do before then. 

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    I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work that you just can't see. Yet. I'm giving this place a face lift. I know I haven't been around quite that long, but I want this place to feel more homey. I want to really feel like this is a place for me to express myself and that all if you feel like you're welcome and that there is a bit of something for you here too.

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    Oh My Dating: It’s Hard, And It’s Not Fun

    Dating is hard. Dating isn't fun. It's supposed to be, but let's be real - it's not. The "first date" is the worst. Coffee? Drinks at a bar? A walk by the lake? Those are standard first dates. But they're the worst. At a coffee shop? Eventually your coffee gets cold or you've drank it too fast. At a bar? You hit the point where either you've nursed your drink, or you know you can't have another drink because you're about to embarrass yourself. And the walk by the lake? You can only tell your life story for so long.

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    FRIDAY FAVES – Rimmel London

    Lipstick. I have a love/hate relationship with lipstick. I've bought my fair share of lipstick. I've never been a beauty guru, so I've always gone for whatever the local Shopper's Drug Mart has (and usually has on sale). For a while - aka about ten years - I was a smoker. And I always found my problem was smoking with lipstick. It would come off on my cigarette, on my teeth - everything. I could never find one I enjoyed.

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    20 Things About Me

    Being a new blogger, some of you know me, and some of you don't. For the latter, I thought I'd provide a few facts about me. Full name is Samantha, but I'm known to respond to Sam & Samcake

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    MUSIC MONDAY – Noah Kahan

    Music Monday was chosen not only for the alliteration, but... okay it was chosen for the alliteration. However, coincidentally, Spotify releases a new playlist every Friday called New Music Friday Canada. Every Friday, I'll pull open that playlist and get hooked on a song, and share it with you on Monday mornings to give you a good song to listen to all week.

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    For years I've wanted to come out with a blog. I've come out with little ones like "this is how my day went" blogs, but it was really more like a journal. This time around, I put more thought into it.

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