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    Living With Alz Series: LTC One Year In

    It's crazy how much can change in one year. Back in January I reflected on my 2018 and all the adventures I went on, and one thing I didn't really focus on was mom going into the Long Term Care home. I touched on it while reminiscing a few weeks later, but I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this journey our family has been on over the last year.

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    Living With Alz Series: World Alzheimer’s Day

    I know she doesn’t understand, but give her my love and support. Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. When I was a kid, I didn’t think that this would be a day that I would know, or recognise. Then again, the world works in mysterious ways, and here I am today. Mum is doing good. My dad goes to visit her every other day, and I try to get out to see her at least twice a week. Sometimes it’s just once, as the world works as it does, but it’s so nice when I get to see her. We went up yesterday, as I was gone for three days, and…

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    Living With Alz Series: The Intro

    Sometimes I feel as though this has been a big part of my life for so long, that I forget that it’s even my life. It’s just become the norm. Which – let me start by saying – this should never be somebody’s norm. For those of you that had followed me on my previous blog, Living With Alz, you’ve heard a bit about my journey. For those of you that are brand new to this, and had never heard it before – welcome, and you’re in for a wild ride. I was 22 when my family got the official diagnosis: my mother had Alzheimer’s. If we are being honest, we…

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