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    Travel Tuesday: Victoria, British Columbia

    I just spent a week out in British Columbia - with 5 of those days taking place on the Island. I want to share my trip with you, but I feel like there's just so much to talk about, that I'm going to spread it out over a couple of Travel Tuesday posts. First up, Victoria.

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    Travel Thursday: The Over-Prepared Over-Packer.

    I over-pack. I over-prepare. I am the worry-wart. The one that double checks and triple checks. But still forgets something (like my ID the weekend of my BFFs bachelorette and LUCKILY someone was leaving after me and was able to go by my house and get it – because I was 2 hours away when I realised I didn’t have it!). For this trip, I’m┬áreally preparing, although I still have this fear I’m going to forget something. I’ve created lists. Yes, that is plural. I have two lists. I have my list of items for my carry on, and I have my list of items for my checked baggage. But…

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    Port Hope, Sharks and Garlic Bread

    I just spent four days loving life. I'm not even kidding you. I'm not exaggerating, and I'm not trying to buff up my trip because it's possible my lovely hosts are reading (Hi Rose & John!). I'm a huge fan of mini vacations. Give me a few days in different cities and I'm happy. I've done mini trips to New York City, Washington DC, Montreal, Collingwood... I could go on. But these last four days have been spent in a city I've only seen from the highway: Port Hope, Ontario.