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    Oh My Thoughts: Body Positivity

    Throughout my years, I've always struggled with my weight. I've fluctuated in my sizing so much since my teens. My confidence would fluctuate along with my weight. Some days I'd feel super confident in an outfit I was wearing, and the next year I could be wearing the same outfit or a similar one and want to add a cardigan, or a sweater, something to hide the body parts I was suddenly so self conscious about. My arms. My stomach. My thighs. It changed depending on the day. Depending on the outfit.

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    Oh My Thoughts – Mental Health in the Workplace

    I've written and re-written this post a bunch of times. Sometimes I sit here and I wonder, what can I say here? I know that this is my blog, and I can say what I want to. But sometimes I worry that certain people, if they come across a post, will get the wrong idea. The wrong opinion. And not that anyone's opinion but my own should matter, but there are relationships I've built over the years that I don't want to speak ill of. And I think some of the words I typed could've been misconstrued, and my message would have been lost.

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    Ending The Stigma: Bell Let’s Talk

    In Canada every year, Bell host's a "Bell Let's Talk" day to help bring awareness to mental health. For every text message sent by a Bell user, every phone call made by a Bell user, every #BellLetsTalk tweet, every use of the Snapchat or Facebook filters, and every view of their video, they donate $0.05. It began in 2010, and this year it will round out total donations to about 1 billion dollars. That's 20 billion retweets, phone calls, text messages, etc. combined to help raise awareness.

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    Weight Loss Journey: Personal Training

    Starting out on this weight loss journey, I wasn't quite sure where to begin. I knew I had to eat healthier, and exercise more, but where to start? Did I immediately have to start shopping at Whole Foods or the organic section of my local grocery store? Did I have to hit the gym every day? Just cardio? Cardio and weight training? And how much of my time should be dedicated to cardio? How much should be dedicated to weight training? I had all of these questions, and no where to turn.

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    Oh My Goals!

    I had all of these "resolutions" I wanted to make for 2018, and had plans set to get myself a personal trainer in January. Then, this idiot self of mine stepped off a curb in early January and twisted my ankle. Yes, you read that right. I stepped off a curb. Off a curb. And twisted my ankle. I blamed the fact that I'm fat. Even though it had nothing to do with it.

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