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    Friday Favourite meets Living With Alz: Peel Region’s Redstone Dementia Unit

    On Tuesday, my dad and I attended one of the Family Council sessions at the long term care home my mom is at. It was our first time attending a session – and I can tell you it won’t be our last. We felt a little out of place at first with it being our first session, and I feel like there’s a bit of catch up to do. At the end of the day, it was worthwhile. I will tell you, I was surprised to see how low the attendance was. The executive of the council did let us know that they don’t usually have summer sessions, but this…

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    Friday Favourites: Work-Outs, New Music, and Clothes, OH MY!

    Friday's bring happiness to many. I am one of those many. Friday's mean the next two days I get to sleep in, and stay up late, and lay on the couch in the middle of the day. The next two days after Friday (especially in the summer) mean sunshine, bonfires, and so much more. I love Friday. You love Friday. We all love Friday. Friday is our favourite. So why not share some more of my favourites on this fantastic day? 

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    Friday Fave – Dry Shampoo For The WIN!

    I can remember one of my first experiences with dry shampoo. I was working in another city, living with my ex boyfriend and his family (hello if you're reading!) and I was at work at the time of trying it. I didn't know how to use it. I'm serious. I didn't know if I had to rub it in, or brush it out, or whatever. It's embarrassing to look back on. I might call myself a little bit of a pro now.

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    FRIDAY FAVES – Oh Canada!

    Da-da-da-DA! OH CANADA! The 2018 Winter Olympics are here! And I am always so proud to be Canadian during the Olympics. I'm proud all year round, don't get me wrong. But when it comes to reppin' our home and native land during the summer or winter Olympics, I'm all in.

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    Friday Faves – Super Bowl!

    I didn't grow up playing sports. I wasn't much for extra curricular activities (I blame my anxiety). But, I did grow up in a sporty household in terms of watching sports on TV. My dad watched baseball, soccer, golf and football (not really hockey, although he did play hockey in his younger years). I grew up cheering for the Toronto Blue Jays and the Chicago Cubs during baseball season and Manchester United during soccer season. That was what I grew up on. When it came to football, I grew up in a household that supported one team. However, that wasn't who I spent my years cheering for.

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    FRIDAY FAVES – Rimmel London

    Lipstick. I have a love/hate relationship with lipstick. I've bought my fair share of lipstick. I've never been a beauty guru, so I've always gone for whatever the local Shopper's Drug Mart has (and usually has on sale). For a while - aka about ten years - I was a smoker. And I always found my problem was smoking with lipstick. It would come off on my cigarette, on my teeth - everything. I could never find one I enjoyed.

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