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Oh My Baking: Great British Bake Off – Week 4

The week I’ve been fearing…. Dairy Week.

If you know me, you know dairy can be my worst enemy – so I was not looking forward to having to bake something that had a very high percentage of dairy in it. Nevertheless, I did. And I think I did a pretty damn good job. This week, dairy week, the technical bake was something Henry VIII enjoyed back in his day. Maids of Honour.

I guess I should also supply that it was a baked good, not a person, that he enjoyed.

This recipe is fairly easy to follow. I also may have read it multiple times over the week before I actually did the bake, so I felt like I had it really etched in my brain. I had most of the ingredients, just needed to go pick up some cheesecloth and whole milk. The recipe also calls for a 10cm cutter for the tartlet shells, but instead I may have used the top of a mug that I measured to make sure it would be wide enough. Perhaps it could have been a little wider, but I believe it did the trick.

While the recipe is fairly easy, I did feel like it took a lot of time. Prue says its about 1hr of hands on time and 30 minutes of baking, but I definitely think it was about 2 hours of hands on time. Likely because I’m not fully skilled. But, also, the dough needed to go into the fridge like 3 times for 20 minutes each time, and the cheese curd took some time on the stove, as did the lemon custard. I think the math on the website is off.

The most time consuming of everything? Cutting parchment for in my little tartlet shells for their first bake.

Which, here’s a note for you – don’t bake for 20 minutes like the recipe tells you. Maybe 10-15. Check on them. You don’t want a soggy bottom, but mine are a tad overbaked.

Over all, I’m happy with how they turned out. They’re slightly overbaked, but the filling with the cheese curd and the lemon custard? So good. You know, things really are better when they’re made from scratch. I’m sure I could have made this recipe with a premade lemon custard, and a premade cheese curd, but would it taste as good? Probably not.

My score today? I’d go with a 7/10, because of the over baked tart itself. Apparently puff pastry isn’t my best friend right now. Difficulty? I definitely say you need some baking experience, but the recipe itself (once again, found by clicking HERE) is pretty descriptive.

Definitely a recipe I’d try again to perfect, and one you should give a go too!

Dear dairy week,
You weren’t as terrifying as I thought you’d be.
Thank you,

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