Oh My Baking: Great British Bake Off – Week 3

I hope everyone is ready for a barbecue because this week we are making BURGER BUNS!

Well, in the words of Paul Hollywood (and I don’t know how many other Brits), we are making Burger Baps. Floury Baps. Baps. I like that word. Baps.

I enjoyed this bake. I had never done bread before, and while this wasn’t a fancy loaf of bread, I’m still quite proud of it. It’s the first time I’ve ever proved/proofed anything (see, I don’t even know the spelling), so I was a little nervous. But, the recipe was easy, and look at me now!

Starting their first proof!

I didn’t make the veggie burger part of the technical, because, well, I didn’t want to. I just wanted to focus on the actual bake of the week, and not the burger. So I’ve just made the baps, and I’m going to have burgers on the baps tomorrow night. And I’m excited.

These buns do need some timing. The first proof is an hour, then once you separate the dough into eight balls, they rest for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, you flatten them, get them ready on your baking sheets, and then proof again for 45 minutes. All in all, with baking time, I’d say you’d need about 2hr 30min from start to finish. Give or take a few extra minutes.

First proof finished, now to roll into balls and let them rest for 10 minutes.

What I DID do this week was get myself some caster sugar – if you have access to a store like Bulk Barn, you can get it there and it’s called “Instant Dissolving Sugar”. It’s a lot finer than regular sugar. I wish I’d had it when making my Angel Cakes, but at least I’ve got some going forward.

Ready for their final proof!

The one other tip I could give for this bake? Invest in a proofing bag. Their final proof requires you to proof them while they’re on their baking sheets after they’ve been rolled out. I didn’t have a proofing bag, so I used a garbage bag – we have these smaller white ones. I feel like they didn’t proof the greatest for their final proof, but I was also afraid to let them sit for too long because then they could over-proof. It was my first go around, so hey, I’m learning – and so can you!

Fresh outta the oven!

Now, they’re not the burger buns I’m used to from the grocery store. I guess I would compare their feel to more of a ciabatta bun. They remind me more of buns my sister gets from Cob’s Bread for when they have a BBQ. Which, thinking about it now, my brother in law is English, so maybe that’s why they get these buns. Cause they’re baps. Maybe?

I highly recommend this recipe, which you can find by going HERE. And let me know how yours turn out!


    • samanthahiscock

      Is it always prove? Or do I proof my buns, but they are proving? I’m so confused.

      So you’re the one that like baps! I was partially right. You probably like them from your time in blighty.

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