Oh My Baking: Great British Bake Off – Week 2


I know I’m about… two days delayed on this post. However, I was away this weekend and unable to bake, so while I’m delayed, this post is a goody.

Let me tell you how I had a MUCH better experience with this week’s technical than those stupid angel cakes last week (which pretty much ended up being inedible). This week was Fig Rolls!

I’ve never cooked with figs. Never in my life. Never in any dessert. Nothing. I’ll be quite honest, I don’t even know if I knew what figs looked like before today. Incase you didn’t know, they look like this:

Dried figs!

While the website listed this recipe as “Challenging”, I don’t think I would call it that. The only thing that challenged me at all was trying to configure how much ginger to use (how does one translate “one ball”???) and for some reason I was struggling to roll out my dough. I also struggled in cutting the dough in half evenly. One of the pieces of dough rolled a lot easier than the other. But I wouldn’t necessarily call the recipe challenging.

Dried figs simmering away in some brown sugar and water.

I warn you here, you will need a food processor for this recipe. Usually I avoid recipes that call for one, but I got one for my birthday (maybe Christmas, they’re so close together) so now I don’t have to avoid those recipes. Sometimes I feel like I could do a little dance because it doesn’t limit my baking.

Overall, this bake was enjoyable. I only have a few tips, but here we go!

  1. Make the dough first, and then the filling. The dough needs time to firm up, so you will have time to focus on the filling after.
  2. With the ginger, you have to play it by ear. I replaced the stem ginger in syrup with regular fresh ginger, but it was hard to figure out how much a “ball” would be. I could’ve gone a little heavier on the ginger, so gage it depending on how gingery you want it.
  3. When you roll the dough up with the filling inside, tuck the two sides under the dough when you place it on your baking sheet, so the top looks smooth.
My beautiful fig rolls.

I did test out the Fig Rolls with two of my neighbours, and they gave me a 9/10. They got a hint of ginger on their tongue, but I probably could’ve done with a little more. And I might add a little extra brown sugar into the fig mixture next time, give it a little more kick.

Overall, I’m really happy with this technical. This is definitely a recipe I’d make again. Easy to do, and I know I’ll completely perfect it next time around.

Great British Bake Off, bring it on!

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