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Music Monday – Moon Vs Sun

I love music collaborations. I remember back in 2004 when the Collision Course album by Jay Z & Linkin Park came out – I loved that album. I still do. One of my best friends loves when I rap along to that album (trust me, I’m not good, but she finds it super entertaining). It just shows that two opposite ends of a spectrum can really come together.

You have Beyonce & Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars, Aerosmith & Run DMC… so many great collaborations, but I’ve found my new favourite.

Moon Vs. Sun consists of Chantal Kreviazuk, and Our Lady Peace frontman (and her husband) Raine Maida. I’ve followed Chantal for years, and have always been a fan of OLP. I remember when we were at one of her shows, and the topic of Moon Vs. Sun came up – and I instantly got so excited. Two of my favourites coming together to create an album – how could you go wrong?

You can’t.

I’ve taken some time to review their album – I’m Going To Break Your Heart – that just came out, and you should 100% go and take a listen. Their voices are so different, but go so well together. The album goes hand in hand with a documentary they filmed – behind the scenes as they recorded this record together for the first time. Below are my favourites off the album.

I Love It When You Make Me Beg
“It’s a twisted kind of lover’s game we play.”

Chantal and Raine performed this at one of her shows a while back, and it’s the first song I ever heard from Moon Vs. Sun and I remember locating a YouTube video of it (check that out here)and listening to it on repeat. It’s raw and it’s such a real telling of a relationship.

Under The Stars
“And I re…fuse to go out quietly. Refuse to build an army. And hurt the one I love.”

This. This has been my favourite on the album so far. It comes in so peacefully with a nice piano backing, but when Chantal’s voice comes over.. I’m done for. I feel like I would send this song to a significant other I was fighting with as a kind of “I’m trying.”

Cutie and the Bully
“I don’t need you, but I want you. Yes, I want you.”

Another one of my favourites on the album. It’s a beautiful song about how neither of them are perfect – he’s a sinner, she needs healing – but it’s not about needing the other to help them, or fix them. They just want each other. More than they could need each other.

I’m Going To Break Your Heart
“I know you’re gonna hurt me, know you’re gonna hurt me most.”

The title song from the album and the documentary. The beginning started off a little like the beginning of Wrecking Ball, with the way Chantal sang the first few lines. I think that’s what hooked me at first. I feel like with every relationship, there is a point where you’re hurt. Where your heart gets broken. But you also have that one person that you’d fight with forever. And that’s what this song is to me.

“I’m not good without you, I built my life around you.”

I’ve turned up the volume on this song and danced around my kitchen just belting it. It makes me want to dance every time I hear it. They released it as their first single, and I don’t blame them. It feels like the moment where you just think, yes, I can do this, or yes, we can do this, and you want to tell the world. Here’s the music video for Lowlight:

At the end of the day, I don’t think there is a song on this album I would skip. It’s rare that I come across an album where I’m not skipping over songs to get to my favourites.

Check out all the ways to download it HERE. And just… enjoy!

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