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Travel Tuesday: New York City – Part 3

This is basically going to be a love post. I feel as though most of my Travel Tuesdays are love posts towards whichever city or destination I’m in, but this is going to be a focus on one individual place: Central Park.

My first trip to New York City years ago included a stop at Central Park, but I didn’t get to wander it as much as I did this time around. I think I wandered the park at least once a day, except for the first day, in the city. I’m not saying I saw the entire park because I’m not that ambitious, but I definitely spent time wandering the park, and getting to see the beauty that the fall colours brought to the park. Most of my wandering was centered to The Lake and below, but next trip – definitely seeing The Lake and above!

Wollman Rink / The Pond

My first adventure around the rink brought me to Wollman Rink and The Pond. It was a rainy day when I was out and about, and I had spent the morning walking the High Line and just wanted a little bit of a stroll. Wollman always stands out in my mind as it’s where the two main characters in Serendipity spend time (even if it was filmed in Toronto) and my original trip to NYC was very Serendipity inspired. The Pond wasn’t necessarily a destination where I was like I NEED TO GO THERE but I’m glad I did because it was so nice and peaceful, even though I was close to the outer side near the city streets.

Strawberry Fields / Imagine

After my visit to the New York Historical Society, I found I was almost immediately across the street from Imagine and Strawberry Fields. This was a very quiet and reflective part of the park. I wish it hadn’t been wet from the rain, because I would’ve loved to just sit and take it all in for a little bit.

Wagner Cove

Now this. This is where I’d want to be when it’s not raining. Where I could sit, maybe with a book, and just relax. I stumbled across this little cove, not knowing that it was meant to be anything special. It was a cute little veranda/platform/pavilion to sit and enjoy the view.

Rock With A View

I did experience Strawberry Fields twice, mainly because I missed this stop (for reasons I cannot remember – perhaps the rain, and the mud) and I wanted to come back through and check out the view from the rock.

Bow Bridge / The Lake

Dear Future Husband, when you propose to me, do it on this bridge.

It seemed only natural that after seeing The Pond one day, that I’d see The Lake the next. I took this path mainly to make it to Bethesda, but I was glad to come across the Bow Bridge!

Bethesda Fountain / Bethesda Terrace 

I’ve seen it in Winter, I’ve seen it in Fall – I think I need to see it in the Spring and Summer next! One thing I love about NYC and this park is that you can immediately picture different scenes from different movies and it all just feels so familiar and comfortable. There were a couple of mini photo shoots happening under the Terrace, and it was definitely a local hot spot in the park.

The Mall

Need I say more? This is an absolute classic. I fell deep in love with the park here because of the way the colours wrapped around the Mall. It was gorgeous, and I could’ve spent all day just walking up and down the strip, taking it all in.

It’s a hard toss up to recommend the time of year to experience the park. I feel like it has such beauty and grace in different areas at different time of year. I think I’ll be able to give it the full review after I experience it in between Spring and Summer. Anyone up for a trip to NYC?

This has been a post very full of photos, and I hope you get to see the love I have for this park through the view of the camera, through my view, because I honestly cannot say enough good things. There was one morning where it was about 8:45am and I’m wandering through the stretch coming from the Strawberry Fields entrance, and people were just out walking their dogs, and enjoying the beautiful day and I just couldn’t help but want what they had. I want a park like Central Park where I can walk my (imaginary) dog, and enjoy the morning. I would walk that park every day if I had the chance.

Have you been to Central Park? What is your favourite part? Let me know!

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