Travel Tuesday: New York City – Part 1

I love New York. I can’t say enough good things about New York. I never used to think that I was such a city girl, because I’m not a huge fan of being downtown Toronto, but I think Manhattan just has this particular charm about it. You feel confined – in a good way – with the option of the boroughs. With a city like Toronto, I feel like you just don’t know where to stop. With NYC, you can just go go go and not feel like you have to stop.

At the beginning of November I tagged along on my sister’s work trip to return to New York City for my second time. I feel as though I was able to fit so much into my few days in the city, and I wanted to share it with you. The great thing about Manhattan is that you can see a lot in a small amount of time. I was there from mid-day Sunday to mid-day Thursday.

I spent a lot of time researching what I wanted to see. I was a tourist loose in Manhattan back in 2014 for a few days, and I was so excited to return. I wanted to try and see things I didn’t see the last time – Pinterest was my best friend.

We landed Sunday at LaGuardia, and headed to the hotel where we would spend the next few days. The Sheraton Times Square was our home. This hotel was great as I felt like I was so close to everything – but not so close to Times Square that I felt like we were surrounded by tourists. The hotel was beautiful, even though it was missing a swimming pool. That is always something I love about hotels, because I don’t always want to be out and about. I want to be able to sit, and relax, and enjoy myself. I did that a few times, but I wish I could’ve been swimming.

Sunday was our big, major day in Manhattan. The big highlight of our trip (well, for sure mine – my sister’s might be the event she put on) was heading to Lyric Theatre to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Pure magic. They ask you to #keepthesecrets so all I will tell you was that it really was magical.

The High

In my research, I discovered The High Line. I hadn’t come across this during my last trip to NYC, but it was probably also because I didn’t do as much research last time. The High Line is an old rail road track that has been turned into a raised walk along Manhattan’s west side. It’s a beautiful public park, and was a fantastic walk. Unfortunately for me, it rained the majority of my walk, but I didn’t even care. Me, my boots, and my umbrella strolled The High Line for about half of it’s distance. I walked 34th Street down to Chelsea Market but it goes all the way to Gansevoort St. I would love to walk this rail line on a nicer day, to be able to stop, sit, and enjoy the sights a little more. I’d definitely recommend it.


I walked The High Line early enough in the morning that when I got to Chelsea Market it was just nearing the end of breakfast. I don’t usually eat first thing in the morning, but I was starved by the time I hit the market so I stopped for a classic New York bagel with some cream cheese. No lox, for me, however. Not the biggest fan.

Chelsea Market is somewhere you definitely need to stop around a meal time. They refer to it as an “urban food court and shopping mall” but the latter needs to be dropped. To me, this was all about food. If you find yourself in the market area while hungry – stop in. It’s a must.


I was extremely happy to find out a few days before my trip that the Winter Village at Bryant Park had just opened on October 27th – and I got there a week later! I love market’s, and anything winter related (December baby here!), so this was thrown on my list real quick. I have visited Bryant during the non-winter season, but I must say – it seems a lot more enjoyable with the rink open, and all the Christmas feels all around. There were some super cute shops (shout out to Mulberry and Grand because I definitely spent too much money there!) and a lot of good eats. Add this to your list. No matter what time of year.


Need I say more? It’s a classic. I love their cupcakes, and it was just rammed full of people. They were all lining up for some sort of bread pudding (which I regret not trying – you have no idea how much I regret it) that I didn’t realise they were all vying for until I was already in the middle of the line to pay. There are multiple locations in Manhattan. Definitely check it out!

Ray’s Pizza –

Yes. There is a pizza place on my list. We hit the location on 7th and 54 St and let me tell you the truth: I had a slice of pizza with pasta on it. I’m not kidding you. And let me tell you, even if this offends you. It. Was. Delicious. Not only should this place be on your list because it’s a great local spot to stop for some late night pizza and a beer – but because just a few nights after we were there, one of my sister’s co-workers met Howie Mandel. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Part one of my NYC list is coming to a close. I also hit up Central Park on my first full day in the City – but it’s definitely going to end up being it’s own post. I really love that park. I can’t even express to you how much in this post. It needs it’s own loving.

These five places were hit in one day – but I also had some down time at the hotel. I am big on making sure you take some time to relax on your holiday. Just because you’re in a busy city doesn’t mean you have to be busy every minute of the day. So take a break. Read a book. Drink a coffee. And nurse that giant blister you grew on your foot. Oh, wait, that was me. Yeah.

Let me know what YOUR favourite NYC stop is – who knows, it might be coming up next week!



  • Heather

    Love this! OMG.

    I went to NY once when I was 14 and do not remember much of what we did. I don’t think it was nearly as eventful as your wonderful trip!

    And can you please share your shopping haul from Mulbery & Grand? Maybe with photos, please? That place looks amazing and I have never heard of them!

    Do you have any more photos of Chelsea market? It sounds so cute!

    Also, I can not believe that there was pasta on your pizza and no wonder it was delicious!

    Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip, but I know it was amazing based on your instagram! 🙂

    • samanthahiscock

      Thanks girl! You’ll have to get back to NYC at some point in the future – I know I’ll go back again!

      I will definitely be sharing some of my haul – and some of my stuff I might order in the future!

      I didn’t get photos of the market, unfortunately! I had too much going on with the rain, haha.

      Thanks for all the love xoxo

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