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Wednesday Weigh In: Week 11

So, I’ve been off from my weigh in for two weeks. We missed Week 9 and Week 10, but I’m back it with my Week 11 weigh in! I don’t have an excuse for my week leading up to vacation, but on vacation I definitely didn’t have a scale. I did so much walking over my vacation, so I’m curious to see if that makes any difference when it comes to my weigh-in. We are about to find out…


  1. Starting weight at end of Week 8
  2. Current weight
  3. Weight loss or gain
    +5lbs…. ouch.
  4. What attributed to my loss or gain?
    a) What was my food intake like?
    I’ve been dining out a lot over the last two weeks. Mainly throughout all of Week 10 and part of 11 as I was in New York City so I was eating at restaurants more, and at odd times throughout the day. Once I was back from NYC, I worked two days immediately after my return, so my dinner routine didn’t end up back as normal til Sunday that just passed.
    b) How many times did I hit the gym?
    Zero. But man I did a lot of cardio in NYC.
    c) Was I more weights than cardio?
    Cardio! I walked a lot in NYC.
  5. Pictures of my progress
    Here’s a photo from the hotel in NYC – not much difference, except for in my confidence!
  6. What hurdles did I face?
    Being on vacation!
  7. Goals for the next week
    Getting back into the gym, as NYC taught me how out of shape I am.
  8. Power quote
    “‘I’ is the only difference between ‘FIT’ and ‘FAT’.”

Are you taking part in your own challenge? What do you do to make up for a crappy diet week? You know where to get me –

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