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Wednesday Weigh In – Week 8

Another week, another weigh in.

I felt better this week going into my weigh in. I wasn’t sure if I had lost or gained, and to be honest I thought I had gained but mentally, I was accepting of it. I have been non-stop for a few days, and I’m finally getting my mindset in a better place for the coming weeks. My plans this weekend include picking up a pumpkin, visiting my mom, inventory at work, and starting to piece together my life for NYC! My trip is coming up so quickly, and I feel like I have so much I want to do before then. 

That being said, my plan is to get myself back to the gym next week. I want to get those endorphins, and put myself at a high going to New York. And no, not the stoned kind of high that Canada is famous for right now – an endorphin high. Thank you very much.

So here we go – another week down, and many more to go! Feeling good. Feeling strong. And feeling like I could do a little jig!


  1. Starting weight at beginning of Week 6
  2. Current weight
  3. Weight loss or gain
  4. What attributed to my loss or gain?
    a) What was my food intake like?
    Not as stressful as last week, but definitely could have made better choices.
    b) How many times did I hit the gym?
    c) Was I more weights than cardio?
    Cardio! I worked an event on Saturday night and I didn’t stop moving.
  5. Pictures of my progress
    None this week! I feel like there isn’t a real point until you can see a difference.
  6. What hurdles did I face?
    Missing my regular meal times, and not having access to the healthiest of food choices during those off days.
  7. Goals for the next week
    Hit the gym at least 3 times next week. I know, that’s a big goal but I’m going to do it!
  8. Power quote
    “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Are you taking part in your own challenge? What do you do to make up for a crappy diet week? You know where to get me –

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