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Wednesday Weigh In: Week 7

I’ve been stress eating like you wouldn’t believe. Between a trip to Mandarin last Wednesday (oops) and not following any sort of diet since my last weigh in, I knew that there would be a weight gain when I stepped on the scale this week.

I’m disappointed in myself. I could sit here and give you excuses as to why I was stress eating, but the fact remains – it’s just excuses. I could’ve done better, and I didn’t. I ate well while at work, but I had two days of being off work, and then two days working the election, and all the time spent away from my office was just downhill. Pasta, fast food, and bread. So much bread.

We all have our bad weeks, and this week was one of those for me. I lost my amazing progress from my week of keto, and I need to get myself back in that groove. Finishing up week seven, I’m disappointed. But my goal going into week eight is just to do better. I’m allowed to have bumps in the road.

This wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy.


  1. Starting weight at beginning of Week 6
  2. Current weight
  3. Weight loss or gain
  4. What attributed to my loss or gain?
    a) What was my food intake like?
    Stress eating.
    b) How many times did I hit the gym?
    c) Was I more weights than cardio?
    Cardio in the sense that I feel like I’ve been all over.
  5. Pictures of my progress
    None this week! Too disappointed in myself.
  6. What hurdles did I face?
    Personal life issues. Things that aren’t mine to share.
  7. Goals for the next week
    Getting back on a better track with my eating. Goodbye, bread. It’s been a good week with you by my side.
  8. Power quote
    “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.”

Are you taking part in your own challenge? What do you do to make up for a crappy diet week? You know where to get me –

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