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Thursday Weigh In: Week 3

I wanted to stay consistent in my scale – so this week’s weigh in is coming a day late. I was out of town for a few days visiting my best friend who lives just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. It was a short but much needed visit. My little nephew has grown so much since I saw him last a few months ago, and it’s crazy how quick toddlers grow.

This past week, I have felt like I’ve failed myself. I’ve been eating like crap, drinking, and just not being the best version of myself. I haven’t hit the gym, and my diet? Well, I haven’t been doing the best. It’s been a crazy few weeks at work, and I had a crazy few days leading up to my going off on vacation. It’s all just excuses but that’s my excuse this week.

Here’s to hoping I can do better during week four, but in the meantime, here’s week three!


  1. Starting weight at beginning of Week 3
  2. Current weight
  3. Weight loss or gain
  4. What attributed to my loss or gain?
    a) What was my food intake like?
    Pretty crap, if I’m being honest. I would like to attribute those 1.5lbs to the fact that I spent 5 hours on a train on Monday, and 5 hours on a train on Wednesday, and when I got bored on the train, I would just eat… Yeah, I’m smacking myself for that.
    b) How many times did I hit the gym?
    Once again, zero. But I did some great cardio while walking around downtown Ottawa on Tuesday.
    c) Was I more weights than cardio?
    I definitely did more cardio.
  5. Pictures of my progress
    Considering I’m pretty much back where I started week one, nothing has changed.
  6. What hurdles did I face?
    Baby showers, train rides, eating fast food, and donuts in the house…
  7. Goals for the next week
    Get my eating back in order. I’ve been binging too much, and it’s not healthy. I need to get a better handle of what I put in my body.
  8. Power quote
    “A little progress each day adds up to big results.”

Can someone come kick my butt into gear?

Week four… let’s do this!

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