Baby Showers: Changing Up The Present Game

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good registry. Got a cousin getting married but you only see her twice a year? Registry. Your boyfriend’s mother’s sister’s step-daughter is having a baby? Registry. Your best friend is having her FIRST BABY? Yeah, you bet I’m getting creative.

I could’ve bought off her registry. I know she took the time wandering around Buy Buy Baby to pick out the items that she knew would fit in her nursery, or around the home. But I also knew she had a ton of other people attending her shower that could pick off that registry. As one of her long time best friends (I’m talking like 23/24 years here, folks), I thought I would just try something different.

I know I’m going to spoil this kid. And I know I can buy him endless amounts of clothes, and toys, and all sorts of stuff. How could I not? That little boy is calling me Auntie. I will spoil him. Whether or not his parents like it (love you guys!). So with my mind trying to think of something different, I sought out one of my other best friends who had a baby last year. I wanted to know – what did you wish you had gotten at your shower but didn’t? What items had you wished that you had on hand that weren’t on your registry? And this is where my gift baskets came in.

For this shower, I decided to buy not only for the baby – but for mom, and even a little something for dad. This little bouncing joy is going to be the centre of attention for years to come – they’re going to stop thinking about themselves.

Mama Basket

  1. Dry Shampoo – because let’s be real, when is she going to get a chance to shower?
  2. Lanolin – she plans on breastfeeding, so we gotta take care of those nipples.
  3. Advil – need I say more?
  4. Epsom Salts – as a recommendation from my other BFF, this will help the soreness from pushing a watermelon out of her.. well, you get it.
  5. Mommy Hook – I’ve used this before when pushing around my friend’s child’s stroller. It’s genius. Kudos to whomever came up with it.
  6.  Aromatherapy Shower Melts – a little something for when she finally gets a chance to step under that wonderful warm water. I know how much she loves her showers
  7. Maxi pads – I won’t go into detail, but these came as a big YES that I had to get her.

New Dad Toolbox

  1. Clothespins – To keep out the smell of those dirty diapers
  2. Tongs – Stainless steel to keep that dirty diaper away
  3. Googly Eyes – To replace his when he just can’t keep them open any longer
  4. Advil – To keep the headaches at bay
  5. Lifesavers – To remind him that to his little boy, he is a lifesaver.
  6. Sweet and Sour Jolly Ranchers – Because that little boy can be sweet one moment, and sour the next.
  7. Eraser – To remind him that mistakes happen, and he can always fix them.

Baby Basket

  1. Matching towel, bib, and washcloths – My friend said she couldn’t keep wash cloths clean – she was always running out!
  2. Hydrasense – Battle that first cold – snot be gone!
  3. Pacifiers – The ones off her registry (see, I didn’t completely ignore it!)
  4. Finger toothbrush – Those teeth will show before you know it!
  5. Baby socks – Um, adorable?!
  6. Baby tylenol – You never know when something can hit your poor baby, and it may be too late at night to run to any open store (especially when you live in the boonies!)
  7. Camilia for teething – Came recommended!
  8. Newborn laundry detergent – I didn’t know if she would’ve thought about this, but I feel like newborns are just so full of poop, and spit up, that clothes would get changed.. so why not some baby safe detergent?
  9. Teething ring – As I said, those teeth are coming!
  10. Diapers – Pretty much speaks for itself – they can never have enough!

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t a cheap excursion for me. But it opened my eyes to just how much it costs to have a child. These are basic essentials, and I racked up the bill. But it was so worth it because knowing how much these items tallied up to made me feel like I could actually help and provide something more than just a mobile, or some bath toys.

Would I do something like this again? Absolutely!

Do I recommend it to others? Totally!

Being able to provide something not only for the baby, but for my dear best friend who is about to be a mama felt so great! And the little joke gift for my favourite dad-to-be was great fun.

Don’t ever be afraid to step outside the box! The registry is a great place to start, but sometimes if you know the person really well, and know that you’re going to spoil that child long after he’s born, you can venture out a bit.

Hope this helps you in the future!

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