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Friday Favourites: Work-Outs, New Music, and Clothes, OH MY!


Friday’s bring happiness to many. I am one of those many. Friday’s mean the next two days I get to sleep in, and stay up late, and lay on the couch in the middle of the day. The next two days after Friday (especially in the summer) mean sunshine, bonfires, and so much more. I love Friday. You love Friday. We all love Friday. Friday is our favourite.

So why not share some more of my favourites on this fantastic day?

This week, I have three main favourites. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have been introduced to sweaty Samcake as I did a new cardio work out on Tuesday night. New to me, but not new to many.


WORK OUT: Country Heat – Beach Body On Demand 

I recently signed up for a 14-day trial of Beach Body on Demand so I that I could take a look at what it has to offer. I tried Insanity in the past and got about a week in before I realised it was not for me. But this time around with Beach Body I decided to give Country Heat a try. And let me tell you, I’m in love. I don’t sweat that much on the regular. It could be that my house is hotter than the gym, or that maybe I’m wearing more layers than usual or something, but I get so sweaty – I LOVE it.

I found a great article online that really breaks down the details about it, so head over to Weight To Maintain to learn all about it if you want to give it a go. And then head over to Beach Body on Demand if you want to sign up and give it a try. But it’s definitely the top of my Friday Favourites this week.

Sweaty Betty post-work out.


MUSIC: Danny Jones – Is This Still Love

Repeat. I have had this song on repeat. I wanted to do a Music Monday for this post, but this was more than just a good song to me. This is my new favourite. This is on repeat. I even work out at the gym listening to this song even though it is far from a gym work out jam. Danny Jones is 1/4 of the band McFly, based out of the UK. They are a band I have loved from afar (because I’ve yet to make it to the UK) and I have never stopped loving them. Danny recently wiped his Instagram clean and then dropped the news of a solo album. And if this song is a taste for what’s to come, we are in for a real treat. This Friday favourite is a must-listen to. Listen to it here.


CLOTHES: Torrid – Haute Cash Haul

I’m addicted to Torrid. Throughout the years, I’ve longed for a clothing store for plus size woman that wasn’t “old lady” clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shopped at AdditionElle, and they do have some younger-looking clothing. But I also find it’s for one body shape, and not the different shapes that plus size women come in. There are some great finds at AdditionElle, but I needed something that felt more young, and fun. And that came with Torrid. I remember talking to a friend at work, Lauren, back when Torrid first opened up. She posted about it on Facebook, and I’ve been hooked ever since. On Wednesday, the haute cash cards I’ve earned became active, and I had to head to the store and see what goodies I could find.

Twill Military Shorts – Pink Wash  I have never purchased shorts that weren’t pajama shorts or jean shorts. These are both not pajamas, and not jeans. AND THEY’RE PINK. I’m excited to put a little something different into my wardrobe.

Super Soft Ivory Floral Babydoll Tee I may or may not have purchased this because it looked really cute with the pink shorts.

Chevron Pointelle Knit Cardigan This reminds me of bonfire nights event though it’s not that warm. I can just picture it with a cute tank top and a pair of shorts or black leggings. Maybe even my pink shorts. I am determined to put those to good use.

Ivory Lace Push Up Plunge BraMy favourite bra from Torrid is there back smoothing bra, but they don’t have my size in any other colour but the one I’ve already purchased. I wanted something lighter colour for all my lighter colour shirts, so I picked up this one today. I find Torrid bras are much better quality than any other bras I’ve purchased from other stores. They’re definitely long lasting.

Black Floral & Black Lace Bralettes I’d like to thank my catpanion, Alyssa, for causing my bralette obsession. I want them all. From everywhere. So these purchases pretty much speak for themselves.


Unless one of these three things really pisses me off, these will definitely always remain on my favourites list. You can’t go wrong with a good song, a good work out, and a really good clothing haul.

Let me know what some of YOUR favourites were this week. Did you buy something new? Hear a new song? Try a new restaurant? I’m always looking for recommendations so send yours my way!

Until next time,

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