Travel Tuesday: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver. Home to the Canucks. Lots of TV shows. My cousin. And some more fun adventures of ours.

We flew in and out of Vancouver for our trip. At the start of our trip, we saw the airport, the car rental, and the road to the ferry. At the end of our trip, we tacked on a day in Vancouver and stayed at a cute little AirBnB (I would totally stay there again!). We may not have been in Vancouver for very long – but we definitely tried to fit as much as we could into our stay. I will say I didn’t take as many photos in Vancouver (mainly of the skyline – I’m obsessed with it).

We started our day at Granville Island. This reminds me a bit of St Lawrence Market in Toronto, and a bit of St Jacobs Market in the Waterloo/Kitchener area. It’s definitely somewhere I’d love to live close to because I feel like I’d go there all the time. I’d be a regular. We grabbed some delicious baked goods from A Bread Affair , walked the shops, and then caught a cute Granville Island Ferry over to Sunset Beach.

From Sunset Beach we wandered toward the Lost Lagoon, and started our walk along the Vancouver Seawall around Stanley Park. We walked by the Totem Poles, and by the Aquarium, and got some great photos of everything around us. Stanley Park took me back in time to when I was in NYC and walked through Central Park. They have a very similiar vibe. The difference would be that the majority of Stanley Park is surrounded by water, not streets.

After Stanley Park, we continued our walk along through Coal Harbour, down toward a Sushi place that my girlfriends wanted to go to. At this point, I parted ways with the two of them and met up with my cousin who lives in the city. She took me to the Cactus Club Cafe which is right along the harbour at the Olympic Cauldron. If you’re in Vancouver this summer, try their Frose – it’s a frozen Rose and it’s delicious. Post dinner we reunited with my girlfriends, and my cousin drove us through Vancouver a bit, giving us a tour that didn’t involve us killing our feet any longer.

We made our way back to the AirBnB, and then after a bit of a rest, headed out to a cute little place called Biercraft. It wasn’t far from where we were staying, so we were able to make the walk. It was on Cambie Street, and I would highly recommend this area as a place to stay when in Vancouver. It was walkable, and it made me wish we had a little bit more time so we could have explored it some more.

Our final day on the west coast started off with mimosas as we enjoyed brunch out. We were going to attempt a fancy brunch, but man, people in Vancouver brunch hard. Line ups were so long, and because we didn’t have all the time in the world, we went to a less fancy place – but still enjoyable! You can’t go wrong with mimosas for breakfast, let’s be real.

The final stop on our trip, before heading our separate ways from our bestie and heading to the airport, was to the Gastown Steamclock. This was actually pretty cool to see, and it fit the neighbourhood perfectly. If we hadn’t of been staying in the Cambie Street area, this definitely would be a fun and hip place to stay. I don’t know if I would recommend it for families, but for the millennials, it would probably be a great space.

Vancouver was one for the books. There is definitely still so much I want to see out there. So many more hikes, and more sightseeing – everything. While Vancouver Island is definitely more my speed for somewhere I’d love to live, Vancouver is definitely my speed for being a tourist. It reminds me a lot of home with all the hustle and bustle. I feel like what I see Vancouver as is what tourist’s in Toronto picture. But just maybe a little cleaner. And a little more laidback.

The west coast is definitely a trip worth taking. And a trip I would definitely do again.

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