To British Columbia And Back!

Have you ever been to BC? Set foot on Vancouver Island? No? You should.

There is not one moment of this trip that I regret – except not spending more time out there. I don’t vacation often. For this trip I used vacation that I had banked back in 2016. That’s how long it’s been since I’ve taken more than a long weekend off. And it was so worth it.

I came home feeling exhausted, yes, because we did a lot during the week we were out west, but I also feel relaxed. And, like most people after travelling, I feel a little bit inspired. I spend most of my week at work. Every day. 8 hours. In the same building. Sometimes longer than 8 hours if I go to the gym, as it’s in the same building. Monday to Friday. The same routine. The same schedule. The same work. Like most people. That’s not the problem. My problem is when I come home. Instead of staying active and doing something, I retreat to the couch and curl up and watch television. But this trip has inspired something a little bit different.

I want to get out more. I want to see more. I want to travel more. I want to hike more. We spent a lot of mornings hiking. Whether it was to a suspension bridge, or a waterfall, or a hole in the wall (literally). We were outdoors for 90% of our trip. Because even when we ate, we usually ate outside. We stayed active. Stayed moving. And I saw so much.

Being home now, I keep looking up my next vacation. I keep swiping through the photos on my phone. I want excitement. I want to get out. Yesterday, I got home from work and instead of sitting on the couch, I went to the pool in my townhouse complex. I relaxed, reading a book. I was away from my television. Away from my couch. And it felt great.

I’ve been talking a lot about my fitness, and losing weight, and being healthy. But it’s much more than just physically. It’s mentally. Outdoors. Getting off the couch. It helps more than your physical fitness. It’s your mental health. Your mental fitness. It’s so much more.

I’ve crossed some items off my bucket list this trip, and I have every intention of spending the summer working on the rest. Because if BC taught me anything, it’s to live. Guys, I stuck my toes in the Pacific Ocean in Tofino. I woke up every day and when we went outside I saw mountains. That’s not something I experience every day. So BC has taught me to get out there. To go outside. To do something other than watch television.

It’s time to get off my ass and not just hit the gym. It’s summer time. It’s time to get outside. Who’s in?


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