Travel Thursday: The Over-Prepared Over-Packer.

I over-pack. I over-prepare. I am the worry-wart. The one that double checks and triple checks. But still forgets something (like my ID the weekend of my BFFs bachelorette and LUCKILY someone was leaving after me and was able to go by my house and get it – because I was 2 hours away when I realised I didn’t have it!).

For this trip, I’m really preparing, although I still have this fear I’m going to forget something. I’ve created lists. Yes, that is plural. I have two lists. I have my list of items for my carry on, and I have my list of items for my checked baggage. But oh, this list – it’s extensive. It’s not just “3 t-shirts, 2 tank tops” – oh no, no, no. You see, I was serious what I said I over-prepare. My list is detailed. It tells me what shirt I am packing. Is it my “sarcastic” tee? My “purple western”? My flower tank? This is the level of over-prepared I am. I fear it may also result in me over-packing, but if you ask any of my friends (or my dad, who has witnessed me lug many of “weekend” bags down the stairs. AKA more than one bag for two nights away.

What if the weather is REALLY nice? What if the weather is frigid cold? What if it rains? What if I spill? What if we decide to do something fancy? Do I have enough PJs? I’m not the kind of girl that can decide my outfit days in advance. I have fat days. Many of them. I spend a lot of my days trying on multiple shirts, getting all hot and flustered, before I even decide what shirt I’m wearing – or heck, even what pants I’m wearing.

Here’s a sneak peak of what my list looks like:

Keep in mind, this isn’t even my final list. I don’t leave until the 19th so I have a bit of time to perfect this list. My plan this coming weekend is to do like a pre-pack. Not actually put items in the suitcase, but try things on in advance so that I know if I’m going to be comfortable in it, or if I’m going to be adjusting myself the whole time – I don’t need that.

I’m all about being organised and prepared for this trip. To help with that, I’ve also done quite a bit of shopping for things that I know I’m needing. I’ve tried to keep it as things that I can re-use in the future. I needed a carry on for the plane, because the only carry on I own is a roll bag – but I’m rolling my suitcase so I didn’t want to roll a carry on as well. That isn’t easy navigation. So I bought a backpack. I’m excited for it because the blue of the bag matches the blue of my suitcase.

Travel Backpack by AOKE, Fulfilled by Amazon 

I also may have bought a passport wallet – which, probably wasn’t completely necessary – but I wanted it so I think that’s all that matters. It’s cute. It’s a lot larger than I envisioned it being, but I think it’s going to work well for the trip, and the ease of carrying it/carting my passport and boarding pass around without losing them.

Passport Wallet by Kolis Online, Fulfilled by Amazon.

Lastly, my purse recently broke. I usually have two purses on the go – not at the same time, but for a season I’ll have one that’s good to hold a lot, and one that’s good for smaller items. The strap of my smaller purse from Old Navy recently snapped off, and so I’ve been on the look for something that I can use for my trip (walking through the airport, and then being out and about). I wanted a cross body bag, but it had to be the size that would hold my (prescription) sunglasses in their case. I was at the mall on Tuesday and found this bag by Blackwell, on sale for $20.

Tan Cross Body Bag by Blackwell 

Needless to say, I’ve done a lot of shopping over the last few weeks to get myself prepared for my trip. Is there such thing as being over-prepared? I know for sure I’m an over-packer, but is it wrong to make sure all my ducks are in a row for a trip?

I can’t remember the last time I took more than a few days off, so this is long overdue and well deserved. 7 days on the west coast… SEE YOU NEXT SATURDAY, VANCOUVER!

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