Port Hope: Floating Fannies and a 1st Birthday!

The first time I went to Port Hope it was by car, and this time it was by train. I felt like a professional train rider this time around. I boarded the train with ease, settled into my seat, ordered what will now be my regular from the train attendant, and got to check out the beautiful view as I headed for the Cobourg Via Trail station. It was a quick trip in an out of Port Hope, but it was fun filled for sure!

I headed to Port Hope this weekend for two reasons:

1. See my best friend (see her face below)
2. Celebrate her son’s first birthday.

Needless to say, I was really excited.

This weekend also happened to be the weekend of something called Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny. I kid you not with the name. My best friend, Kassie, has told me about this event since we started being friends years ago. She had always talked about it, and I was always in awe that such an event existed. Crews of families and friends come together to create a crazy raft and they float their fannies down the Ganaraska. In addition to that there are canoes and kayaks and they event float rubber duckies down the river too, along with booths along the waters edge with food and business promotions. I posted a video of it on my instagram so head there to check that video out.

A lot of Kass’ family was in from out of town this week because not only was it her son’s birthday, but it was her grandmother’s birthday party the following day. I got to meet a lot of her family, especially when they all came over Friday night to take some family photos. What was nice is how they welcomed me in (just as Rose & John have – hi you two!) just like I was one of their own.

After family photos, and the Float Your Fanny on Saturday, it was time for Isaac’s first birthday. And what a cute one year old he is. The highlight of the party was likely his cake smash. He was loving having a whole cake to himself, and it was all over the place afterward. He was a happy camper – until we tried to take the cake away from him – he held onto the plate!

It was a fun filled weekend, as per usual, in the town of Port Hope. Between floating fannies, lots of family, and a fun lumberjack themed party, it was so nice to reunite with my best friend. It’ll be probably a month or two until we see each other again, but until then we will text every day (I honestly can’t remember the last time we went more than a few hours without talking… what are we going to do when I go on vacation???)

I hope everyone has had a good time enjoying the Spring weather so far. We are finally starting to experience Spring, as opposed to Winter, here in the GTA. I’m crossing my fingers it stays this way!

Catch you soon xo

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