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2018 Bucket List

I created a Bucket List a couple of years ago with a girlfriend of mine, but let’s be real – we didn’t really follow through with it. This year, however, I have decided to make it a goal of mine to complete at least 75% of the items on this list. I’ll post it here to start, but then I will have a link to it from the header where I’ll update it as I go through and complete items on the list, or I will go and add new items to the list as the time goes on.

I seem to always stumble across things on Facebook, usually through Narcity links, where it’s like “Great things to do in Ontario this summer!” or “10 Must See Places within 2 hours of Toronto” and I’m like THIS IS GREAT I MUST REMEMBER. And then I don’t remember. Because I don’t write it down. Which brings me right back around to where I am right this moment. Making a bucket list.

I don’t usually like the name “Bucket List”, but “To Do List” just makes it sound like a chore. I’ll keep the Bucket List name for now, unless anyone can come up with a better name for this list. If you have any great ideas of things I should do this summer, comment below! Chances are, I’ll likely add it to the list.

So here goes, Oh My Samcake 2018 Bucket List!

  1. Go for a hike
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Go for a boat ride
  4. Attend a fair
  5. Attend a parade
  6. See a concert
  7. See an outdoor concert
  8. Go to Kariya Park
  9. See the sunflower field in Flamborough
  10. Lay on a beach
  11. Rock climbing
  12. Dance in the rain
  13. Visit a hot springs
  14. Go to a casino
  15. See a waterfall (not Niagara Falls)
  16. Visit Terre Bleu
  17. Go Strawberry picking
  18. Go Blueberry picking
  19. Attend a baseball game
  20. Attend a basketball game
  21. Take part in Summerlicious or Winterlicious
  22. Take part in Beer Fest
  23. Visit a winery
  24. Visit a brewery
  25. Go camping
  26. Take a road trip
  27. Casa Loma
  28. The Ex
  29. Go to a Spa
  30. See 5 lighthouses
  31. Indoor skydiving
  32. Battle Axe Throwing
  33. Go on a cruise
  34. Walk behind a waterfall
  35. Let go of a floating lantern
  36. Cliff jump
  37. See a play
  38. Get a hot stone massage
  39. Go to an art gallery
  40. Take a pottery class

I definitely think I’ll find more things to add to my list – especially because I have a lot of vacation days to use up at work! Let me know what kind of things are on YOUR bucket list for the next few months!

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