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Music Monday: Port Cities

I don’t. I don’t even know you. Damnit, I want to – wake up in your bed.

I don’t think I could describe to you how I got hooked so quickly on this song. Every day at work I have my headphones in listening to music while I work. There’s so many of us in such a tight office that it’s hard to concentrate without headphones. On Friday’s I will usually check out the new music playlist and oh my gosh this song had me the second the beat started.

Maybe I’m in love with the idea of you. Cause I don’t even know you. But I want you to kiss me.

I hadn’t heard of Port Cities until this Friday that just passed. The band from Nova Scotia had never crossed paths with me until now. From the googling I’ve done on the band, I’ve come to learn that it’s not always the same vocalist on their songs – it’ll be one of the three band members. Which is not something you come across all the time – usually with multiple band members like this it’s duets, or they’re more background vocalists and one main vocalist. But with Port Cities it’s different and I’m really liking that.

And maybe I’m in love with the idea of you. I’m not saying I need you. But I hope that you miss me.

The particular song that I’m in love with and that drew me in is called Idea of You. I wish Spotify would tell me how many times I’ve listened to this song because then I think it would show to you just how much it has hooked me. I feel like I’m living this song.

Yeah any other night any other time probably could have looked your way, walked on by and you’d’ve let me.

What has really surprised me about this song is learning that it was a song that they were closing out their shows with, but that they hadn’t recorded until recently. It literally just came out, although they’ve been singing in since their album came out a year ago. It wasn’t on their album – but of course I’ve gone and saved their album to my Spotify to see what other gems I can find.

Any other night any other fool probably couldve walked away and forgot about you.

So please, I beg you – go to your Spotify or Apple Music app and look up Port Cities. Listen to Ideas of You and how Breagh just kills it. Check out their album. They’re Canadian. They’re from the east coast. And they’re so good. Listen to them. While I sit here and wait for them to come tour through Toronto so I can see them live.

XO OhMySamcake

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