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Friday Fave – Dry Shampoo For The WIN!

Once every couple of weeks, I can make my hair look good. My hair is pretty temperamental, and we have never really been the best of friends. We have our good days, I’ll be truthful here. We have days where I have the time in the morning and so my hair looks half decent (these days generally fall on weekends, because I definitely do not have enough time on a weekday morning). Most of the time, it’s up in a bun. Or, it spends half the day down, and the rest of the day in a bun.

That being said, I’m trying to take better care of my hair, and I am trying to build a better relationship with it. I have tried to take advice of many beauty gurus, and I’ve tried to cut back on how often I wash my hair. Currently, I am down to twice a week. And I’ll be honest – I think it’s going over pretty well.

I wash my hair on Monday and Friday mornings, and have what I just refer to as “body showers” the rest of the week. Is that what everyone else calls it when you don’t wash your hair? A body shower? Should I just be calling it a shower? Why does this seem like such a foreign term to me? I’m not quite sure.

Dry shampoo has become my absolute best friend. And I LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE (I cannot stress that enough) I live on Batiste. I have tried many of dry shampoos, but I will say – this one takes the cake.

I can remember one of my first experiences with dry shampoo. I was working in another city, living with my ex boyfriend and his family (hello if you’re reading!) and I was at work at the time of trying it. I didn’t know how to use it. I’m serious. I didn’t know if I had to rub it in, or brush it out, or whatever. It’s embarrassing to look back on. I might call myself a little bit of a pro now.

My dry shampoo recommendation is to apply dry shampoo at night. It has become a totally different experience for me. I find that it’s overnight that my hair suffers the most, but adding in the dry shampoo at night (and just a small touch up of dry shampoo in the morning) has made a world of difference. I have started to notice small differences in my hair since I changed it up to only washing my hair twice a week (as opposed to at least 4 times).

I never thought I’d see the day where I spent a post talking about dry shampoo. Honestly, friends, it’s been a game changer. Try it. You won’t hate it. Give it a go!

XO OhMySamcake

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