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Da-da-da-DA! OH CANADA! The 2018 Winter Olympics are here! And I am always so proud to be Canadian during the Olympics. I’m proud all year round, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes to reppin’ our home and native land during the summer or winter Olympics, I’m all in.

I love this country where I am. This land is where I make my stand. No other heart is truer than. The one we call Canadian.

It’s only natural that this week’s FRIDAY FAVE would be my home country. The country I’ve lived in my whole life, and that I could never see myself living outside of. I love being able to say “I am Canadian.” Because instantly, you’re associated with good. And apologising. And I do apologise a lot, not going to lie. One day I should count how many times in a day I say “sorry”. I wonder if I say it more than I’d even notice. If it’s become such a habit that I say it without realising it. And then it makes me wonder if the people I’m saying it to say it so often as well that they don’t realise that I’m saying it.

It’s a vicious cycle. One I’m proud to be a part of.

My two favourites are carrying the flag in this year – Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. They are by far my favourite figure skaters. I watch them religiously through the Olympics, and my sister and I had even caught every episode of the TV series that they had airing one year. They’re such a great representation of this country. From just seeing their social media (and yes, I know, social media isn’t always the way to judge someone) they seem like such genuine and nice people. They legitimately seemed so honored to be the ones graced with the job of carrying the flag in at the Opening Ceremonies.

You best believe you’ll be seeing some Instagram posts around my love for this country, and some of my favourite athletes, throughout the duration of the games.

So here’s to you, Canada. My glorious love who just celebrated 150 years. I’m cheering you on, today, and forever. You’ll always be my Friday Fave!

I am, you know I am, I am Canadian.

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