Oh My Goals!

I had all of these “resolutions” I wanted to make for 2018, and had plans set to get myself a personal trainer in January. Then, this idiot self of mine stepped off a curb in early January and twisted my ankle. Yes, you read that right. I stepped off a curb. Off a curb. And twisted my ankle. I blamed the fact that I’m fat. Even though it had nothing to do with it.

But that being said, it put me behind in my goals. In my plans. It’s only been since these last couple of days that my ankle is really starting to feel good again. It’s a little sore to the touch still, likely due to bruising, but I’m almost at 100% again. Which means it’s time to start putting my healthy cap on, and start getting down to business.

Over the last few months I’ve definitely felt myself packing on the pounds. I had noticed it a little in my stomach, but it’s been my arms and my face where I’ve noticed it most. And I hate when I can see it in my face. That’s when I start getting really self conscious about myself. I also notice it at work because the main hallway when you come off the elevator at my work is just mirrors. A hallway of mirrors. My worst enemy. I get to look at myself all day long and that’s when I start thinking, “Alright, girl. Time to get your butt into gear.”

I’ve done myself a favour and started following health based accounts on instagram. Like Health Magazine, Shape, and even individuals that pride themselves on their fitness. A little bit of motivation for me, and reminders when I’m surfing Instagram that there are so many different ways I can get in shape. I just have to put my mind to it. I have to really dedicate myself to getting in shape. That’s the reason why I’ve wanted to get myself a personal trainer because it’s someone that gets to hold me accountable. And it’s someone that can help make sure I’m doing things the right way. The correct way. The safe way. Because let’s be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to the gym.

My February goal? Get my butt in gear. Sign up for a personal trainer. Get myself to the gym multiple times a week. Get off my ass. Wear my Fitbit. Eat healthier. Be accountable for my actions. February is about love. It’s time to love myself. Who’s with me?

XO OhMySamcake


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