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Friday Faves – Super Bowl!

I didn’t grow up playing sports. I wasn’t much for extra curricular activities (I blame my anxiety). But, I did grow up in a sporty household in terms of watching sports on TV. My dad watched baseball, soccer, golf and football (not really hockey, although he did play hockey in his younger years). I grew up cheering for the Toronto Blue Jays and the Chicago Cubs during baseball season and Manchester United during soccer season. That was what I grew up on. When it came to football, I grew up in a household that supported one team. However, that wasn’t who I spent my years cheering for.

Since the early to mid-2000’s, I’ve been dreaming of one team. The Dallas Cowboys. I own jerseys that say ROMO and WITTEN and for years I’ve worn them proudly. Even when I get all the flack from people because, ew, I’m a Cowboys fan. I didn’t care. I’ve never cared. I’ve bought hats, and scarves, and signage for my room, and watched games and genuinely enjoyed the Cowboys. Over the last few years I haven’t really been on my A-Game keeping up with them – I think I slowly started slipping away from my love of football, but I’m missing it dearly.

Which brings me back around to the Super Bowl.

I don’t think I’ve ever missed a Super Bowl. Looking back over the years, I’ve always been home to watch it. Whether it was with friends, with family, or on my own. I’ve always sat there, in front of the TV, cheering on one of two teams. See, I always pick a team. You have to. Going into a Super Bowl you have to pick someone to cheer for. There are sides. Because otherwise, you’re just yelling at the TV the whole game. And when do you get angry? When do you get happy and excited? A team has to be chosen. And, if I can’t cheer for my Dallas Cowboys, then I might as well cheer for the team that my household supported growing up.

The New England Patriots.

My dad is a huge Pats fan. In fact, it must run in his blood, because a lot of my family on his side cheer for the Pats. It’s always all over my Facebook during games, everyone cheering them on. I really don’t know how I ended up a Cowboys fan. I don’t even know who was a Cowboys fan when I was younger that I would’ve been associating with. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. I chose my side a long time ago.

So this Sunday, I’ll grab a cider, and a bowl of something salty, and I’ll sit in front of my TV, and I’ll enjoy the Super Bowl like I do every single year. And I’ll cheer on the Patriots and genuinely hope that they win. It’ll make my dad extremely happy, and who doesn’t like when their father is jumping for joy? Because I’m sure he’d actually jump for joy if they won. Not going to lie. His Cubs won the World Series in 2016 and he was very happy then too.

I also might be a teeny little bit excited to see the half time show. I mean, come on, Justin Timberlake is back. And if my Music Monday from this week is any inclination, I do love that man. Then again, be real, who doesn’t?

XO OhMySamcake

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