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FRIDAY FAVES – Rimmel London

Lipstick. I have a love/hate relationship with lipstick.

I’ve bought my fair share of lipstick. I’ve never been a beauty guru, so I’ve always gone for whatever the local Shopper’s Drug Mart has (and usually has on sale). For a while – aka about ten years – I was a smoker. And I always found my problem was smoking with lipstick. It would come off on my cigarette, on my teeth – everything. I could never find one I enjoyed. For a while there was a Loreal one that I enjoyed. It was one of the wet to dry ones that felt like there was a lot on my lips, so I only wore it when I went out on the town. You’ll learn that I don’t like to have a lot on my face. If it’s heavy, I’m uncomfortable and I feel as though I’m checking my face so often throughout the night to make sure everything is still where it should be.

Now that I’ve quit smoking, I’ve tried venturing for lipstick again, and I have found my new love. My endless love. My I’ve-bought-you-in-multiple-colours love. And it’s called PROVOCALIPS. This product is by Rimmel, and I honestly can’t love it more.

I purchased it on a whim one day, and I’m so glad that I did. I was looking for something for (I believe) a night out, and came across a wonderful shade of red. I loved it so much, I’ve gone back to buy two more shades.

It’s a wet to dry, yes, but I don’t find it heavy. You put the colour coat on, and don’t let your lips touch for about a minute. After the application of the colour, you flip the wand to the opposite end and use the top coat to seal it in. I don’t want to call the top coat a gloss, because it’s not a gloss. It’s like a top coat for your nail polish. But for your lips. And it doesn’t taste like nail polish.

I’ve worn this colour out on the town, and while drinking lots of wine, and I find that it stays throughout the night. I think, at the max, I’ve had to re-apply once. And that’s because I find that I’m super OCD when it comes to my lipstick.

I’m not a beauty guru. I’m not perfect at applying my lipstick. But I’m learning, and right now, I’m loving. Thank you Rimmel.

I’ve gotten mine at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart. You can find the information (and reviews) for it HERE. If you check it out, let me know what you think. The only thing I’ll say is that I haven’t tested it’s kiss proof yet. But there’s always time for that.

Shade in the photo is Heartbreaker.

XO Samcake

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