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Music Monday – Elbow Love

Sometimes you get music recommended to you. Sometimes you stumble upon it on YouTube, or on the radio, or in the background of a TV show. And sometimes your brother in law has an extra ticket to a concert of a band you’ve never heard of, and your sister is out of the country, so he invites you along instead.

That sometime was a situation that happened to me last year (“last year” because I’m so far into 2018 already).

My brother in law is a huge fan of this band called Elbow. Once my sister met him and fell in love with him and married him and all that fun stuff, she fell in love with Elbow too. Well, before the marriage she fell in love with Elbow. Because they walked down the aisle to Elbow.

Anyway, before their wedding I had no idea who Elbow was. And even after their big day, I never listened to Elbow again. Until a few months ago when my sister was out of town for work and Elbow came to town. My brother in law had tickets, and needed someone to go with so I offered to go with him. Cue to my sister creating me an Elbow playlist on Spotify, and me listening on repeat (as I do).

I fell in love. Their music just pulls you in and wraps its arms around you. It’s mesmerizing. It’s catchy. It’s heartfelt and emotional. It’s heavy and it’s light. It’s everything for everyone. I could sing along to them all day long if I could. Sometimes I have. So I fell for them on Spotify. And then fell deeper in love when I saw them in concert.

I found love in Elbow. And I’m never looking back.

Below are six of my absolute favourites. For those wondering, my sister and brother in law walked down the aisle to One Day Like This. Go on. Listen. Fall in love. Feel the embrace. And hit repeat.

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