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Welcome to my very first Music Monday!

Music Monday was chosen not only for the alliteration, but… okay it was chosen for the alliteration. However, coincidentally, Spotify releases a new playlist every Friday called New Music Friday Canada. Every Friday, I’ll pull open that playlist and get hooked on a song, and share it with you on Monday mornings to give you a good song to listen to all week.

It’ll differ. Some days it’ll be a song to walk to, to run to, to cry to, to work to – it can be anything! There are going to be some posts where it’s not a new release song. Sometimes I’ll just want to share a band, or a song, that I love. Regardless of when it came out.

Today, this lovely Monday in January, I have found love in a new Spotify release.

Hurt Somebody – Noah Kahan ft Julia Michaels

Julia was an artist I fell in love when when she released Issues because who didn’t fall in love with that song and let it break you? Everybody did. Don’t lie.

Noah is an artist who’s name I didn’t recognize, but I could listen to his voice all day long. The song boasts the lyric “It hurts when you hurt somebody.” And it just felt so real. But the song still has an uplifting beat to it that makes me want to just spin in circles in the sunshine and love life.

There are two versions of this song. Noah sings it on his own, and then there is the duet with Julia. I’m a sucker for duets, but check out both! Currently available on Apple Music and Spotify, but not Amazon Music.

Listen. Love. Spin. Let me know what you think!

Hold me close, and I won’t leave. Cause it hurts when you hurt somebody. So much to say but I don’t speak. And I hate that I let you stop me. Cause it hurts when you hurt somebody.

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