For years I’ve wanted to come out with a blog. I’ve come out with little ones like “this is how my day went” blogs, but it was really more like a journal. This time around, I put more thought into it. Go ahead. Ask some of my closest friends. For months I’ve been running blog names by them, ideas by them, everything. I couldn’t just launch without a plan. I’m doing it right this time. I’m putting my heart into it.

That being said, today I welcome you to my new lifestyle blog. Oh My Samcake. Throughout the next few days, weeks, months, and hopefully years, I am going to share with you my likes, and my dislikes. Fun reviews. Recipes. Fitness routines. Beauty regimens. Music Mondays. Fave Fridays. Anything and everything. I’ve got some great posts lined up, and lots more to come down the line.

For those of you that know me – hello! For those of you that are just getting to know me – welcome and hello!

You can call me Sam, Samcake, Samantha – whatever you prefer! I’m not picky. Well, I can sometimes be picky. If you ask the guys at work, I’m picky. But really, I’m a little bit odd. A little bit awkward. But isn’t that the fun of it?

XOXO Samcake!


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